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Full Time Year Round

Oversee and manage the outside sales team and associated activities to grow sales yearly at a profit.  Provide high-quality customer service for IM电竞官网下载 customers.  Achieve professional and personal goals in the process.

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Essential Responsibilities:

Manage outside sales & account managers to meet sales goals, continually improve customer satisfaction, and increase sales and profit.

  • Develop and manage strategies to achieve the annual sales goals through sales of current annual plant inventories of the product; collaborate with the Production and Sales Operations Manager.
  • Set team and individual goals in coordination with other sales related departments, production, marketing, and company leadership goals.
  • Manage and assign Customer Lists by territory annually in coordination with Sales Operations Manager & Inside Sales Manager. Coordinate assignment of any special accounts to the broader management team as appropriate.
  • Set, measure, track, and monitor customer, territory, and sales goals. Report trends, opportunities, and roadblocks to Sales Operations Manager.
  • Manage & run reporting for commission payments; review process and commission structure annually to ensure it is getting the company desired results from the sales team.
  • Actively sell to and build relationships with existing and prospective customers. Personally serve 10 key assigned accounts.
  • Introduce customizable sales programs for key accounts within MG’s sales and operational capabilities to address specific client needs.
  • Travel to and work trade shows.
  • Travel to all territories at least 6 times a year and provide feedback to sales representatives on sales process.
  • Identify and work with staff to develop new markets and key accounts. Set new business goals and strategies yearly.
  • Collaborate with MT Sales Manager and Outside Sales Team to develop cross-selling opportunities.

Sales Leadership and Development

  • New Business Development
    • Provide leadership and sales plans and goals for building business in new markets within the greater Midwest and Colorado.
    • With Sales Operations Manager, assist in developing the Regional Chain Market.
  • Work with Shipping and Logistics Managers to come up with distribution plans that support sales growth to current and new territories.
  • Overbooking & Allocation
    • Work with Inside Sales Manager and Sales Operations Specialist to allocate plant material to key accounts when needed.
    • Support Production and Inventory teams by encouraging and monitoring communications via the SharePoint Sales Production Communication Page.

Direct sales and promotion strategies in collaboration with Production, Inside Sales, and Marketing.

  • Coordinate with production, inventory, and marketing to sell current inventories profitably. Direct sales efforts to realize results.
  • Develop selling plans and prescribed selling methods. Consistently train on selling and upselling.
  • Review sales reporting for outside sales team in these areas: IL, IA, IN, MI, MN, OH, WI, as well as new business territories.
    • Review customer feedback through monthly sales reports – SPROB, SVISIT. If there are reoccurring trends, propose strategies to improve customer experience.
    • Provide quarterly report on market, consumer, and sales trends to Management Team.
    • Manage follow-up and tracking of significant quotes by territory.
    • Development of metrics and Ross system reporting and tools to support targeted sales goals in order to achieve company sales targets.
    • Analysis of data and reporting results to sales reps, sales team, and senior management – weekly, monthly, quarterly & annual.
    • Data retrieval and analysis of competitors for all territories in collaboration with sales reps, sales team, and management.
    • Manage individual and team productivity reporting.  Report results to sales reps and management.
  • Collaborate with marketing in these areas:
    • Establishing goals for trade shows; collaborating on trade show planning, operations, staffing, messaging, and sales activities.
    • Developing targeted promotional events and assist in planning and hosting activities.  Examples:  educational programs, customer tours, brand program promotional events, garden writers’ day, hosting industry events, etc.
    • Sell and train on brand and promotional programs to the sales team to meet sales goals for products, programs, and brands.
    • Participate and represent sales team views in annual marketing reviews and strategic planning.
    • Participate in the creation and proofing of the IM电竞官网下载 Trade List.
    • Actively participate on website development, especially online ordering.
  • Collaborate with and support the Inside Sales Manager.
    • Assist in developing Senior Inside Sales Reps sales skills and outbound sales work.
    • Work to develop partnerships between inside and outside sales representatives.
  • Participate in production forecasting and provide perspective and feedback from sales and customers.
  • Coordinate with Accession leadership team to be informed about new products, plants, external or internal brands, or new programs. Collaborate with marketing and management for presentation of these new items to the sales team.

Manage staff and provide sales leadership:

  • Recruit, select, hire, manage, train, and motivate outside sales and account managers.
  • Coordinate with all departments to facilitate sales success, especially:
    • Production and inventory
    • Midwest Trading – a collaboration with Outside Sales Teams
    • Finance and administration – collaboration on account collection
    • Information technologies
    • Senior management
    • Colleagues in Sales Operations (Inside Sales, Wholesale, Marketing, Logistics, and Order Fulfillment)
  • Set long term and annual goals for department and individuals.  Manage budgets.  Staff to achieve goals.
  • Provide ongoing feedback and formal evaluation. Support and enforce company policies.  Schedule regular meetings for training, operations objectives, problem solving, and decision-making.
  • Manage and develop procedures, rolling calendars, and information technology systems to achieve sales goals and the expected level of customer service.  Assure documentation.
  • Prepare, manage, and report on budgets including labor, and sales related expense budgets.
  • Responsible for determining and achieving individual goals, and working toward personal and professional growth, while supporting the department, company, and industry.

Knowledge & Skills Required:

  • Excellent management skills.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills with a positive, action-oriented attitude.
  • Strong commitment to customer service and teamwork.
  • Strong sales expertise with a focus on building long term customer relationships and acquiring new business.
  • Project management talents with strong ability to meet deadlines.
  • Ability to coordinate programs and build consensus with multiple stakeholders in a diplomatic manner.
  • Strong computer skills. Knowledge and understanding of sales, customer service, inventory, and order processing programs and their capabilities.
  • Multi-tasking abilities and flexibility.
  • Understanding of the green industry.
  • Professional standing / accreditation(s). For example: CLT, RLA, CPA, MBA, ICNPro, etc.

Preferred Experience:

  • Degrees:
    • Bachelor’s degree in business, horticulture, communications and/or marketing
    • Preference for candidates with MBA or applicable advanced degree
  • 3-5 years experience in sales leadership
  • 5 years experience in selling (successful history in obtaining sales goals)
  • Experience or interest in horticulture

About Midwest

Join the Midwest team! We strive to attract and retain the best talent in our industry and consider our employees to be our most valuable asset. We offer full-time, full-time seasonal and part-time employment across many different types of positions and experience levels. Midwest has grown through dedication to customer service and we are continually seeking those who share that desire to join our team. Our past accomplishments and success in the Green Industry are a direct reflection of the quality of our employees – join us and help us to build the future!

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